Professional Services

• Construction Management
• General Contracting
• Design/Build
• Pre-Construction Services
• ezIQC (Easy Indefinite Quantity Construction)
• JOC (Job Order Contracting

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is built around ensuring the following primary components are given consideration and properly monitored.

Core Elements of Successful Management
• Well-defined Management System
• Stakeholder Commitment
• Understanding Customer expectations
• Communication
• Safety Awareness

Well-Defined Management System

As a program manager, it is essential that we have a proven management system that prevents dysfunction and provides for efficient execution of all project work. The Sorensen Gross management system is defined by our Operations Manual, which is written to the utmost management standards and prescribes policies and procedures for every phase of a project's development, execution and commissioning. Additionally, all Sorensen Gross projects are supported by our corporate team, which serves as a full complement to our field-based teams and provides additional resources as required.

Stakeholder Commitment

All successful projects are built on the individual commitment of its stakeholders. Our motto is success through partnership. Becoming a true partner and understanding the culture of partnership focuses all players on the primary mission of completing the project within its timing and budgetary constraints.

Understanding Customer Expectations

It is our policy and practice to understand the expectations of the Owner. The Sorensen Gross central corporate support staff is commissioned to program all of our site teams for success. Understanding your wish to complete a project on time and on budget and striving to achieve that is our commitment to you.


Communication between project team members is essential in creating partnership and commitment. Our operating policy promotes communication through the use of many techniques and protocols, such as kick-off meetings, written project distribution matrices, frequent progress meetings, timely quality control communications, and planning documents that are user-friendly and well communicated.

Safety Awareness

A safe work environment requires good process, commitment and total safety awareness. Each and every member who enters the project site must understand that safety is the primary mission of Sorensen Gross. Absolute compliance and commitment are required from every person who enters the project site.