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Flint & Genesee Group Inside Business Feature on Sorensen Gross


Sorensen Gross Construction Co. sees a very bright future, post-pandemic, for the construction and construction service industries. Having forged a new partnership with a mega-contractor based in the Middle East, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on future projects.

Last month, Sorensen Gross announced a partnership with GET Engineering & Contracting, a Qatar-based project engineer and builder with more than 7,000 employees. GET’s chairman Christian Comair, who also owns The PIMA Group that includes 18 companies across Europe, North America and the Middle East, acquired a 50-percent interest in Sorensen Gross’ group of companies.

The two groups operate as equal partners in business. Ghassan Saab continues as Sorensen Gross’ chief executive officer, which he had held since 1972.

The partnership also allows Sorensen Gross to expand its footprint internationally while putting “Flint’s name on the global map for construction,” he said. The company is working with GET Engineering on developing an uninhabited island in Greece into an art hotel. The stakeholders include DAR, one of the largest architectural firms in the world, and the Qatar Investment Authority.

Closer to home, Sorensen Gross is building ELGA Credit Union’s new headquarters on Hill Road in Grand Blanc Township, and two hospitals for the Veterans Administration in Detroit and Saginaw. It also sees growth opportunities with its General Motors’ client, as the automaker transitions to the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Sorensen said its strategy moving forward involves investing in people and technology.

“We’re looking to bring people up through an apprentice program for our field staff. Invest in people to give them the opportunity to become superintendents and project managers. It also includes bringing talent to Michigan. We believe we offer amazing benefits, and we think Genesee County is an amazing place to live.”

Meanwhile, the company is incorporating more digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, 3-D imaging and “Connected Construction,” which enables all the stakeholders – the owner, the architect, the general contractor and the sub-contractors – to interact on one platform.

With Connected Construction, “we’re all able to communicate in real-time with all of our documentation, all of our plans, all of our notes and changes, under one platform. It improves transparency and communications. You’re able to cut schedules and mistakes, which reduces costs for all the parties involved. This is an important part of the future for construction.”

But it all comes back to people. “What we do is not just about the bottom line, which is fundamental to our business, but about giving back to community. And doing projects as well as efforts that will always help the community that we’re in.”