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Eastern Primary Water Transmission | Zatary, Jordan

This project focused on critical system components of municipal water supply facilities within the service area of the Northern Governorates Water Authority (NGWA), the Eastern Primary Transmission System. This component forms the “backbone” of the NGWA eastern system, and expansions were needed in order to keep up with the expected increase in demand. The project comprised two components: the supply, delivery, construction and pre-commissioning of a new pump station at Zatary, and a new 48km pipeline extending west from the new Zatary pump station to the existing reservoir at Hofa. The project area covered the Governorates of Mafraq, Jerash and Irbid. Specific components included:
– Construction of a new pump station at Zatary in Mafraq Governorate, including 4 new Turbin pumps (3 service and 1 standby) each of a 720 m3 /hr capacity.
– Construction of a control building at Zatary pump station, including installation of control equipment.
– Installation of the new Zatary pump station yard piping comprising a steel 1200mm pump suction header and 1000 mm discharge header.
– Civil and landscaping works at the Zatary pump station site.
– Supply and installation of approximately 47,800m of ductile iron pipe pipeline and tak-offs ranging in size from 100mm to 1000mm diameter with all fittings and accessories including air release valves, gate valves, butterfly valves,wash outs.
– GPRS based telemetry system between the Zatary pump station and Hofa reservoir including intermediate control points.

Expansion of Aqaba Water Facilities | Aqaba, Jordan

Prime Contractor for upgrading and expanding existing water facilities, including reservoirs, pressure reducing stations, and installation of distribution lines.
– Construction of pressure Break Tanks no. 1, and 2 with a capacity of 750 m3 each.
– Construction of New Reservoirs – High Terminal Reservoir, 3,600 m3 , South High Reservoir, 3,600 m3, South Low Reservoir, 6,800 m3.
– Modifications to existing Reservoirs – Low Terminal Reservoir, High and Low North Reservoir.
– Construction of 9 Pressure Reducing stations.
– Installation of about 57 km of ductile iron transmission lines, about 220 km of network distribution system, and 8000 house connections.
– Installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).

City of Ann Arbor WWTP | Ann Arbor, MI

New construction of a wastewater treatment plant residual handling complex. The project consisted of the following:
• Demolition of existing equipment including dewatering plates and frame presses and a biosolids incinerator.
• Installation of centrifuges for biosolids dewatering and gravity belt thickeners to separately thicken secondary biosolids.
• Rehabilitation of an existing gravity thickener for thickening primary biosolids and conversion of two existing gravity thickeners to covered tanks for blending thickened primary and secondary biosolids.
• Rehabilitation and modification of Solid Handling Building to accommodate new equipment, meet current building code requirements and construction of a building addition for loading trucks with processed biosolids and receiving chemical deliveries.
• Installation of new boiler system to service all facilities within the WWTP.
• Installation of odor control equipment to reduce WWTP staff exposure and off-site nuisance odors from residual handling equipments and facilities.
• Replacement of antiquated 4.8 KV electrical system with more efficient and maintainable 13.2 KV system.

Plant operations needed to be maintained 24-7 during construction, so project was accomplished in two phases:
• Phase one – construct the new addition and the renovations work, install all major mechanical and electrical equipment to be able to start up the thickening /dewatering system.
• Phase two – demolition of the existing equipment, re-build the structural floors and install the new odor control system.