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Success Through Partnership

Sorensen Gross Construction Services (SGCS) has provided the highest quality management consulting and personnel services for over two decades, and has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation in our industry. Every aspect of SGCS – from our operations to our people to our services – has been designed with one goal: to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Evolving from our background in construction management, SGCS now offers a full suite of management and staffing services to a broad range of clients and industries. We can meet the needs of individuals, communities, and even entire regions.

  • Professional Staffing – Consulting, Recruiting, Talent Development
  • Program Management – Contract Administration, Document Control, General Administrative
  • Project Management – Logistics, Scheduling, Safety Management, Process Equipment Installation

Through coordination, collaboration, and integration, we can achieve a collective impact with a process designed and customized for each client’s particular needs.